Manufacturing and Production Company specialized in organic food 100% Mexican.

Our  story

“Campo Vivo” means « Living Land » in Spanish, two words that summarize Campo Vivo’s philosophy: making sustainable development a reality in Mexican agriculture through organic production, in harmony with Nature and its resources. Campo Vivo is the result of years of work and close collaboration with Mexican organic farmers, who, once they obtained the organic certification, always look for distribution channels and fair prices for their products in the local market. This was the genesis of creating a strong distribution and manufacturing company, which will specialize and focuse on organic products, offering quality, variety and high volumes. Today, Campo Vivo has succeeded in providing the widest organic and certified products offer in Mexico, with reasonable prices and products availability all year long.


Organic and 100% Mexican

All our products grow in the Mexican fields, where both the farmers and the farms have been certified by international organizations (IFOAM norm). Campo Vivo is also accredited as an organic product distributor. We select our farmers according to quality, price and volume standards together with their organic production philosophy. Together, we plan and organize the production calendar according to our sales forecast in order to always ensure the availability of fresh fruits & vegetables for consumers, and ensure incomes for farmers through the year. We distribute our products in more than 500 Mexican retail stores, like WalMart, Comercial Mexicana, etc.

The satisfaction of our clients, consumers and producers is our priority

Campo vivo valores Honestidad


Campo Vivo identifies the best organic farmers and provides them with new market’s opportunities.

Campo vivo valores Profesionalismo


Campo Vivo distributes more than 500 stores with a variety of over 100 products (fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as groceries). We have a performant logistics model in order to manage efficiently high volumes of mixed products while maintaining flexibility and reactivity.

Campo vivo valores Constancia


We are eager to enhance Mexican organic agriculture through a strong brand: Campo Vivo.

Campo vivo valores Eficiencia


Campo Vivo has a large offer of fruits and vegetables, but also of grocery products.

Campo vivo valores Desarrollo Sustentable


Campo Vivo has the faculty to anticipate market trends, creating and satisfying consumers’ needs. For instance, the development of a new product takes less than 6 months from the conception to the supermarket shelves